Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Education and Employement

"Here we are seeing many youngsters searching for employment. The youngster may be your friend or your brother/sister or yourself. We have to come over many hurdles such as aptitude test, group discussion and many rounds of interviews to get a decent Job. Many feel very hard to come over and find such a good Job.We study well and score good marks still find it difficult to be recruited. Employers do many kinds of analysis in us in recruitment process.

Many often recruitment is elimination rather than selection. They find very few people suitable for their companies.Here comes a series of questions such as what do the employers expect from candidates? Why do they conduct many tests before employing? Even if one clears all them in the recruitment process, why is she/he not put into the right job directly?The answers from HR managers are as follows “We expect integrity, logic, creativity, vision, soft skills and finally the ability to articulate in English.” The tests & interviews conducted can reveal the personality.

If employers are satisfied in all them, they will let the candidates to become trainees. Often times, the selected are given proper training by the concern, regarding their process. Even then, the company is not ready to risk by putting the trainees into process, they conduct tests again and again to know whether the trainees understand the whole process and attain the eligibility of becoming employees. Even after that, they are asked to do budding. After getting satisfied, finally they put the employees into the process and allow them to do the job on their own.The companies look for the best potential employees even for the lowest job in the organization due to the supposition that one day the employee at lower level will reach the highest.The fact is ‘many lack whatever listed by the HR Mangers’. It is seen that more than 70% of youngsters, coming to the recruitment process are not eligible. As it is a huge number, it is clear that it is wrong to find fault with the individuals and there is something wrong with the system.

In the younger stage, we are put into education to lead the rest of our life better. Here we have to define what education is. The etymological meaning of the term - Education is 'to draw out', facilitating realization of self-potential and latent talents of an individual. Does it happen in the education system in which we have been studying?We are all trained by the education system which made us most of times not to think, simply mugging up and just vomiting the same in exams. As soon as exams are over, we are forgetting everything, taking rest and are getting ready to start memorizing for the next exams. Is there anything to do with creativity and thinking which are expected by employers?We should accept the fact that few things in the system lead us to think and not the all.

Many new systems like Montessori, Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) pave way for thinking & creativity. We should believe that a better education system will be implemented in the near future as foreign countries have. But what is about the present? It is not advisable to find fault with the system. We ourselves must be aware that schools and colleges can never provide a holistic form of education.

Integrity, soft skills, logical thinking, creativity, and vision are the things that can be shaped by family, economic activities, playing games and interacting with people which are otherwise called as extra curricular activities. We should understand that extra curricular activities are not only participating in competitions.

Most importantly, Part-time jobs can implant all the above skills in us. Jobs during studies would be a rehearsal for the future jobs. The summer holidays are fast approaching. Hence we will make these holidays in doing extra curricular activities. The humble request is “Please don’t do the same classroom activities which you do all the time” We are given holidays to refresh ourselves. We can make use of the media such as news papers, magazines and internet to understand the world out side educational institutes. So that we all can be eligible to be employed and become better which in turn make India, a developed country."

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