Monday, May 26, 2008


We always expect happiness in our life which never happens. The life has always been a mixture of both happiness and sorrow. We keep probing the cause of sorrow and find fault either with others or ourselves.

Take an instance where we want to obtain first mark in our exams for which we know the way that we should prepare a lot.
Like that, to attain happiness in our life, we should know the way.

First we must ask the question that while we want happiness, we often get sorrow in our life and why is that so? Here we get into the same philosophical question asked by great social thinkers and philosophers like Buddha and Gandhi. Please look at their life and understand their answer for the same question. Buddha says Desire is the source of all sorrows. Gandhi says Sorrow is due to sin following law of Karma.

More or less they say the same concept. We all know a sangam poem starting “Yadhum Ooere Yaavarum Kaeleer” meaning all the places on earth is our hometown by Kanian Poongundranar. The second line of the poem says ”Theethum Nandrum Pirar Thara Vaara” meaning good and bad come by our own deeds.

If you believe this, you can answer the question, why do we face misery? We find fault and become angry with the people who makes us to feel sorrow. We ask the question to them ”What have done to you? Did I do anything wrong to you?” We think that I have done nothing wrong to you then how can you make me to feel sorrow.

Here lies the truth that the sorrow is not due to the others but YOU.

The person does something to you which makes you to feel misery is a TOOL to balance your deeds. The bad deed done by you to some one else is balanced by another deed by some other person.

This is like Newton’s third law “Every action has equal and opposite reaction”. This is what I believe.
I am sure that you will also be happy forever following this!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I appreciate your effort on bring this article. I am happy to read about this "Happiness". I would like to add up some more energy to this...
Happiness is now here and not 'no where'. It is within you. Your happiness is inside you and not in someothers. When one can seek happiness within himself, He wil be the happiest person in this world.Because he do not rely on any one else to be happy.Also, He knows how to make others happy.When any one depend on others (like time, situation, person), He will be a slave for them, to be happy. That is, only they can determine is happiness and not 'HE'. Why be a slave, be a MASTER OF YOUR OWN SELF. Be happy and Make others happy :-)