Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Opinion, Thinking and Uniqueness

The very basic concept of Psychology is ‘every individual is unique’. No two men are alike in thinking and perceiving since they are from different backgrounds, have different experiences and posses different thinking patterns. In other words, the God created everyone to be different. Even twins of the same background are different. It is natural and normal to have difference in Thinking & Opinion.

Only because of difference in thinking, we progress everyday, formulate new concepts, invent and discover so many things and make the world a better living place. Assume that everyone in this world think and perceive alike, what will happen? I would say there will be no development and interest in living; everything will be static.

As social animals, we must have relationship with others in the society. The relationship may be with the marital partner, friend, class mate or just a co-passenger in the bus. It is natural to have a difference of opinion in the relationship. The difference of opinion can be called as conflict and it is a part and parcel of our lives.

Solving conflicts makes the relationship healthy and better. If relationships are to be continued, we need to accept and accommodate others ideas some times, be assertive some times or adjust some other times. While we want to be assertive, we should clearly express ourselves about what we think about the conflict so that others can accommodate our ideas. To avoid conflicts, we follow some common rules, codes and conducts in the social relationships. One of the examples is Traffic Rules to avoid conflicts in the travel. As far as personal relationship is concerned, we lack in that. It is necessary to formulate the rules consciously for personal relationships according to our life experiences and consulting with the others who engage in the relationship.

Likewise for the same action by an individual, people give various opinions; some appreciate; some comment badly; some others are neutral. The opinion differs just because of the meaning that people attach as a result of the previous experiences. The negative opinions are otherwise called as feedbacks. As a result of different perceptions, we receive negative feedbacks from others as long as we live in this world. The important thing is how we take the feedbacks, either take it easy or worry. To avoid worries, we have to be open-minded and take them into our consideration. If they are not acceptable, just leave them. If the feedbacks are true, work on them and develop the skills to achieve greater heights. The one who gets feedbacks is lucky and can improve a lot. So be proud of getting feedbacks.

We should also understand that the only way to know about people is to analyze others’ actions and make comments on them. Likewise it is natural for others also analyze our behavior and make comments.

Concerning the difference in thinking, give feedbacks to others and receive feedbacks from others in an acceptable way to have a healthy relationship with everyone which would ultimately make people of this world better.


santoshi said...

interesting read.

Shrinidhi said...

This is simply excellent!! again logical and clear :)