Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cinema - Modern Form of Literature

Yes, cinema has become the modern form of literature. It has taken away the place of Epics, Poems, Short stories, novels, plays and even music concerts.

Literature is the one which shows the real life with some exaggeration to attract the people. In olden days, the epics, poems, short stories, novels and plays were doing it but nowadays Cinema has stolen all their significance. Cinema shows real life situations with the help of some characters mainly Hero and Heroin. The directors are able to show their philosophies and ideals with a perfect mixture of love, comedy, sentiments.

Cinema registers / reflects the culture, fashion and mindset of the people of the time. The Directors have the responsibility of leading the society/nation. They are the one who influence lay men more than any political leaders and freedom fighters or social leaders.

While it is shown in the screen, it deeply goes inside the minds of the fans. So it may be violence or non violence. The Heroes have become most of their role models. Whatever is done by Heroes in cinema are known as heroic deeds even if they do the deeds for mere money and with many shots. Lay men start to believe that the heroes in the picture are really heroes in real lives.

Psychologically speaking, the people who like certain heroes in the films consider that they themselves are doing those heroic deeds. People fulfill their desire to perform heroic deeds at least seeing such kind of movies and satisfy their egos. An economically poor fan feels that he himself is a hero and loves a very rich girl which would happen in Utopia only.

We must be able to distinguish the realistic and unrealistic actions of cinema. Most of the Producers, Directors and Actors use the film industry to develop themselves in Status, Money and Popularity. Only some of them are really concerned about the society. While such films are released, there are no men to see that film.

I think the wise men choose their movies by directors and story but lay men choose the movie by hero and heroin. Let us think and choose films which would develop our mental activity and philosophy.

Again psychologically speaking, we can find the personality from one’s favorite movies.

My Favorite Movies are (Thinking that I am a wise man) Aaytha Ezhuthu, Anbe Sivam, Ayiutham Seivom, Bombay, Four Students, Gentle Man, Indhian, Iruvar, Mudhalvan, Pudhiya Mugam, Ramana, Ratchagan, Samurai, Sillunnu Oru Kadhal, Unnalae Unnale, Kandukondaen Kandukondean, Nandha, Vasool Raja MBBS, Jeyam Kondaan, Mugavari, Naan Kadavul, Veiyil, Jab we met, Titanic, Slum dog millionaire etc..

Can U find my personality?! :-D

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