Thursday, May 28, 2009

British India and Indian India

We see many injustices and unfair things happening everywhere in our country. If you compare British India and this Indian India, more or less it is the same situation. The superiors of this state and many other people exploit us and manage the agitations by many ways; they are ready to do anything for the sake of their livelihood and maintain their social and monitory status.

The full stop can be put only by attracting people for support against those dangerous persons through various strategies. The strategy used by Gandhi at that time is Non-Violence. It was powerful due the reason that they followed the Path of Truth in which most of the lay men believe and the British did not expect non-violence to be the reaction for violence and so they respected it. It is applicable for Indian India also.

The best non-violence strategy that we have in this Indian India is MEDIA through which we can make anything happen. That’s why people who want to exploit us have taken Media in their hands, but I reckon it is not possible all the time to hide the truth. So using media in an effective way is the need of the hour more importantly. It must be continuous because lay men will forget the issues if some distraction takes place.

People who stand for truth and justice have to be both firm and effective in bringing the issues to the public who are least bothered about them. The freedom fighters were firm when the mere existence of Indians became a question in British India. So only-when the mere existence becomes a question, the sufferers join together. If the exploiter is such a person who knows the psychology of the sufferers or who has a psychologist with him will never make people to get into the question of existence, they will both exploit and do something good to retain power on lay men.

Bringing the issues to the public is the only way to eradicate exploitation through media, because everyone is afraid of public in one matter or another. If and only if the followers of truth know the psychology of both lay men and exploiters, can use the media effectively to communicate their ideologies to the public and stop people not to become their hand toys, it is possible to hoard the truth.

Then agitation from lay men will be initiated with the immediate cause of emotions but once it is started, intelligence should play the role to eradicate exploitation further for which the people of justice must have studied or known a lot about dealing people.

I write this after seeing a film Aayutham Seivom, Strike in Madras School of Social Work, Strike in Madurai American College and the status of Vellore Vallalar Middle School.

For many of us, the God has given us a lot of chances to understand this real world without affecting our routine life. I believe, everyone is born for a noble cause. Let us continue our covert observations and understand the things better. Let us wait for the right time to take serious efforts in our journey towards Truth and God.

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