Saturday, December 26, 2009

Re-searching Myself!

Research=Re + Search; ‘Keep Searching for facts/truth’ has become the essential part of any field nowadays. With the advent of Internet Revolution and Satellite Technology, one has to equip to compete with global standards. All the global standards are the outcome of carefully done researches. Especially as a student of Behavioral Science, the arena is much wider for the Research.

To a significant extent, my values, beliefs, attitude and understanding of myself have changed after studying Research Methodology and doing Researches as a part of curricula. Research Methodology provides pathway to objective and proof based beliefs and values. It triggers the curiosity to explore the real cause(s) of any behavior or event.

The one who has done research in a highly effective manner is given Ph.D. He is honored and believed to be a great man in a particular field because he should have done everything scientifically following the Research Methodology and is able to respond the quarries raised with proof based answers. It is believed that he would have studied everything related to his field and is considered and consulted as an expert in the field.

There is a Tamil Proverb-“Kannal Kaanpathum Poi, Kaadhal Ketpathum Poi, Theera Visarippathae Mei” meaning whatever we see, hear may be illusory but scientific enquiry makes us to find the facts. There is a Thirukkural (written by Thiruvalluar)-“EpporuL Yaar-yaar Vaay Kaetpinum ApporuL MeiporuL Kaanbathu Arivu” meaning whatever we hear from others must be examined and that’s the sign of possessing analytical sense. Do we all thus
posses the so called ‘Analytical Sense’?! L

I would tell you, don’t believe in God until you really (scientifically!?) find He is there, because the belief in God sometimes makes you irrational. According to Albert Ellis, a famous Psychotherapist (Founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy-REBT) says, “Believing in God is also irrational in addition to many others”
You may tell me, “Everything cannot be found by Science such as existence of God” Yes, of course, I agree. But please accept that Science is in the process of finding facts to a great extent and all of us tasting the fruits of science in the form of Technology.

The life without knowing the facts have been leading to superstitions. Until recent times, we kept Leprosy as a harmful disease which was believed to be a curse and now it is found that Leprosy can be cured with proper medications! It is the outcome of Research. Paradigm shifts take place as an effect of Researches all over the world.

Generally speaking, we keep judging everything with our previous experience and no knowledge update takes place. Updating knowledge through various resources would enhance the Perceiving ability instead of judging.
Thus in whatever we see, hear, smell, understand and do, they have to be correlated with the scientific facts that are found from recent researches. I know it is not that easy but can be done step by step.

Let’s come out and explore the world with no preconceived notions and as it is!!

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