Monday, February 11, 2008

My Thoughts on Education

A child can understand the language(s) in which mother speaks with the child. So mother tongue can refer the language(s) in which mother speaks with the children. It extends to father, other family members and the peer group only after mother.Education in English Medium is perfect when Mother and others speak with the children in English starting from the birth. Many parents admit their children in English Medium schools to make them efficient in English. The Assumption of the parents is English Medium would help their children to understand the world, to become professionals and to compete in the job market better than them. Does it happen really?
In many occurrences, students studying in English Medium are not able to understand whet ever they study even their mother tongue as subject. It is just because the education does not kinder their thinking power. They simply memorize and forget after exams are over. Why children are educated? They are put in educational institutes to lead their rest of life better. The base of the life building is education. If the base is not strong, then the building would surely be pathetic. If children are not able to understand the things of the base then how can they build their life building?Here we have to define what education is. The etymological meaning of the term - Education is 'to draw out', facilitating realization of self-potential and latent talents of an individual. Does it happen in the education system in which we have been studying?
It is not advisable to find fault with the system prior to finding fault with our ability of decision making. We have to think, discuss with friends and relatives and decide the best educational institute in which our children are going to be admitted. We lack in thinking just because we too are parts of the same education system. Our parents might have done the same mistake. Should we too do the same mistake even after knowing a thing is wrong?Hence try the possibility of admitting your children in the medium of the children’s mother tongue. Kindly ensure that the educational institute is well equipped which serves all the functions of education.
Now assume that you are a parant. You want to admit your children in English medium schools due to so many reasons, then you should ensure whether your children understand and manipulate whatever they are given in the educational istitutes and thier tuition centers. If not, think of the safety measures those you take. Sit with them and find their difficulties and ponder about solving their problems. You yourself may take special care or ask someone else like sending to pioneers in this field of interest. It is my opinion that none other than parents can solve this problem. Parent must take initiatives for their children’s education. Others may not be as effective as the parents. If the above things are not able to be done, it is better to change the medium with sufficient safety measures or the parents must equip themselves to guide their children in right path.Are you able to fill all the above mentioned blanks of your children’s education in reality?

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