Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My thoughts on Valentine’s Day

As every one of us knows this day is Valentine’s. It’s most appropriate to contemplate on Love which is regarded as affection, attachment, altruism, reciprocation, commitment, emotional intimacy and passion. It keeps its dimensions open for centuries in the human history.
We consider Love as divine, holy and sacred. But I think it is nothing wrong to say that it’s a mere force of nature which tends people towards opposite gender in order to fulfill the instruction of procreation. Of course, we are like animals in this but as analytical beings, we make much difference.
We want a mate to be with us as a friend, guide and motivator to fulfill the needs of nature including reproduction. Social Thinkers comprehend reproduction as our duty & responsibility concerning the law of nature and society by which we help the humanity to move towards evolution and to keep its survival.
If you find some person who cares for you and with whom you feel happy & secure, keep up self-confidence which would launch you in peaks, express her/ him your love. Most importantly, the other must also feel all the above in you. Even the other does not accept your love; you have fulfilled your desire of expressing your feeling. Hence you will never have a gut feeling”Oh! I could have expressed my desire?!”
If you are not able to find such person to love or some one did not accept your proposal with whom you felt all the above , submit the effort of finding perfect match in the hands of the time and your parents. Please don’t toil for it. If you start taking efforts for it, you may have to squander your precious time which would ultimately leave you in streets.

You need not feel uneasy while others have their partners and you don't have. Feel the pleasure of waiting to find the perfect.

If you have started loving, you have look upon my view as follows,

I have seen two types of lovers. The first is "Speaking for hours and hours by cell phone, spend money unnecessarily to go to park, beach & Cinema, letting everyone know of their love, marrying without the acceptance of beloved family members, finally hate each other and become seperated" The second is "Spending time to reach their goals in life, motivating each other to become better human beings, waiting for right time to come for meeting, being patient to grab the acceptence from their family members & marrying, living an ideal life" As my description suggests, I would stand for the second.

The next thing is commercialization of Love. Do you know that before 10 years, Valentine’s Day was not celebrated as we celebrate now? It’s truly commercialized so that we sense its attendance all over the world even in villages which is why the advertisements say “Gift your dear ones to show how much you love”. Do the real lovers expect gifts to greet each other?, it is the cleverness of promoting their products.
I perceive love as a personal affair between two individuals. Actually St. Valentine wants the day to greet and express love that we have.
It is fine to gift your dear ones with in your affordability and seldom fine to be brainwashed by advertisements.
So let us all enjoy the Valentine’s Day with these little thoughts.

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