Monday, February 11, 2008

My Thoughts on Love

My thoughts on Love
As every one of us knows, man is a social animal. The term ’social’ refers to the idea that man cannot live alone and the term ‘animal’ refers to the idea that man is still animal having all the barbarian characters. Often times, we show animal characters especially Anger, Jealousy and anxiety. But he has an animal character which makes the humanity to evolve. And that is called Love.
In a globalizing era, we have been following Utilitarianism. We do everything for our benefit. As man is a social animal, he wants other men to be with him. The benefit of that is the possibility of sharing our own happiness and miseries. Hence we love/ like/ have affection on some one and with expectations. The form of expectation differs but it remains as expectation only. Think of the people who you love so much and say whether your love is not towards expectation. It’s the fact that in one way or another we expect from the loving people. I want to remind you that there is nothing wrong in it, because everyone of this world is behaving like you. If something is done by only some men then it may be viewed differently. If every one is making the same then it is universally accepted.
As an analytical being, we have to get into new perspective regarding Love which binds everyone of this world. We have to concentrate on the term ‘Expectation’ here. While we are not able to find the fulfillment of our expectation from others and from ourselves, Love turns to Enmity, Jealousy and Anger. Then is it possible to love someone with expecting nothing?
But we can try out the possibility of minimizing expectations. Then it may be easy for us to evolve as better humans. You may able to see this kind of love in some people who are beside like your mother or father. Almost in our lives, we see that our parents do their duty of bringing up us and expect very minimum. Think of some social leaders who loved the humanity. What was their expectation level? Please do not think they are divine beings and we cannot be like them as we are all lay men.
Can we all minimize our expectations while loving people? If you minimize your expectations, others who are loved by us will automatically minimize their expectations. It’s nothing but Newton’s Third Law. Kindly remember that people are the real assets who double our happiness and make half our sorrows.

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Shrinidhi said...

This is exactly what i have in my mind .i totally agree with you. i admire the concise and clear way you express yourself.
P.S: Sorry sir, i came across you and your blog just today. :)